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The saxophone quartet "Prélude" was born of the restlessness of 4 professional saxophonists, with an inexhaustible spirit of improvement and a lifetime dedicated to the study and pedagogy of the saxophone. The saxophone quartet is created with the purpose of making known and public’s enjoyment, with a little-known known formation but with unique and unmatched possibilities.

This group of chamber music, interprets a wide repertoire that includes from transcriptions of baroque and classic works, original works for saxophone, as well as works of popular character like tango, Spanish music or music with jazz connotations.

As a chamber group, the quartet has a great artistic experience and also concerns in continuous training. This is supported by the numerous training classes they receive from renowned saxophonists such as the Habanera saxophone quartet, Diastema saxophone quartet, Claude Delangle, Arno Bornkamp, ​​Vincent David, among others. In addition, each one has been formed by French saxophonists, of an international nature, leading in them the musicality and criteria that characterizes the "École Française".

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Nowadays the saxophone quartet Prélude is immersed in the investigation of projects based on a "connecting thread" that gives meaning to the works interpreted in the program. Some of his proposals are "Four sound stations" (Contemporary music), "A tango rhythm" (Tango music), "Tribute to Pedro Iturralde" or "An ideal sound" (Evolution of music for this formation) in which apart from an elaborate musical interpretation, the program is complemented by a meditative and personal scenery, in relation to this "connecting thread".

From the pedagogical point of view, the saxophone quartet Prélude, teaches numerous training courses and conferences throughout the Andalusian geography, with the main goal of instilling, leading in future saxophonists the appreciation for music and our instrument, the saxophone.

A great deal of its repertoire is based on original saxophone quartets, many of them premiered and dedicated to the quartet itself. Nowadays the quartet is in constant contact with the composers, working with them, and investigating, together, on the timbral and expressive possibilities of the saxophone and the extension of the original repertoire for this formation.

Currently all the members of the quartet are teachers by public exams in different music conservatories of Andalucia.