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He was Born in Mancha Real (Jaén), where he began his musical career as a percussionist in the "Villa de Mancha Real Musical Grouping" and later as a saxophonist in "Amigos de la música de Mancha Real". At an early age he began his studies at the "Ramos de Pareja" conservatory in Baeza and at the Profesional Music Conservatory of Jaén. He studied "Rafael Orozco" Superior degree in music in Córdoba, obtaining the highest qualifications in the field of saxophone.

In 2004 he was selected to play with the OJA (Orquesta Joven de Andalucía) in Pilas (Sevilla) and in 2007 he won the 2nd prize of the alto saxophone competition held in Villares (Jaén).

Two years later, he obtained a scholarship to perform the 5th Master Class for saxophone alto in Germany (Laubach), with professors such as Vincent David and Arno Borkapm among others. He has taken courses with Philippe Braquart, Eric Devallon, Gilles Tressor, Manuel Miján, Vincent David, Claude Delangle, Chritophe Bois, Alexandre Doisy, Philippe Lecocq, Manuel Ureña, Arno Borkamp, ​​among others.

In this year he obtained the UNIVERSITY EXPERT TITLE IN INSTRUMENTAL INTEGRATION IN SAXOPHONE SPECIALTY, given by the most recognized saxophonists worldwide such as Claude Delangle or Arno Bornkamp, ​​obtaining the qualification of SUPERIOR.

During the next two years (2009 to 2011), he moved to Montpellier (France) to perform the PERFECTION CYCLE at the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Montpellier (France), with Professor PHILLIPE BRAQUART obtaining the qualification of Honourable Mention too.

In that country he participates with the band of the Montpellier Conservatory, under the direction of Philippe Ferro (Conductor of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Paris) and in collaboration with the quartet of saxophones DIASTEMA, carrying out a tour in cities like Toulouse, Paris, Béziers or Lyon among others.

He is currently a member by selection of the JOSE / OSSE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA OF SOUTHERN SPAIN, in which he performs numerous concerts throughout the Andalusian geography. In the field of pedagogy, it has the MASTER'S DEGREE IN TEACHER TRAINING.

He is besides that a member of the saxophone quartet "PRÉLUDE" in which he offers numerous concerts and courses throughout the Spanish geography, representing the prestigious brand of SELMER saxophones, and teaches as a saxophone teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Jaén. He is also artistic director of the Municipal Band of Music of Porcuna (Jáen).